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Construction of Retail Shopping Centres, Restaurants, Geriatric Facilities, Office Buildings, Fuel and Truck Stops, Multi Level Apartments and Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities.

We are a turn key specialist taking control of your project from inception to handover.


Avish Constructions is committed to deliver projects to a quality standard that meets and exceeds client’s expectations. 

Quality is built into all aspects of delivery process from planning, management and control of the project.

Our Team

We are a management team of construction professionals who have over 100 years of combined experience in the industry. 

We provide our clients with a truly professional results.


Avish Constructions understands both the short and long-term benefits of sustainable building practices and is highly experienced in constructing projects that integrates green building materials and techniques. We are well-versed in sustainability requirements and work with clients to ensure projects meet the proper specifications.

Clients Feedback

"I've worked with Archana from Avish Constructions on our Stouffville restaurant. She's done really well in terms of bringing the project in by a week and a half early. The finishes have been fantastic and everyone is very happy. Overall everything has been done well. Like any new store, it has its headaches, its ups & downs, but we've worked well together to achieve good results at the end of the day."

Careers: Work For Us

Avish Constructions aims to attract and retain the best and brightest professionals in Ontario construction business. We embrace and value diversity, engage employee's viewpoints, and provide pathways for professional development. Our clients welcome Avish Constructions specifically because of our emphasis on team development.  If you seek an entrepreneurial environment with team members who are committed to building Avish Constructions as the premier general contractor in Ontario, send your resume to We are currently hiring for the following positions:

  • Construction Project Managers
  • Estimators
  • General Laborer

About Us

What We Do

Our past projects include both new construction and repairs/restorations. Occupied and fully operational job sites are never a problem. And we can also plan, manage, and build multi-phase jobs. 

Working Together

Construction is a nutty business. It is hardly as rigid as the structures we build but rather dynamic & supple. And literally out of chaos emerges order.
It has been said that the very foundation of a "Business Designed for Growth" is built on four pillars: Quality, Value, Time and Service.
Overlaid onto brick & mortar, and a construction business is born.

From the imagination of design to the perseverance of construction, Quality, Value, Time & Service become the hard stuff that you can touch and measure. Avish Constructions understands each of these concepts and their effects on the day-to-day conduct of a construction company.

Quality is hard-wired
Although some aspects of quality can be learned, we believe that quality is like good attitude, built-in and hard-wired into a company´s personality, its DNA (To use the vernacular.)

Value becomes growth
Value should be passed on otherwise it turns to greed. The opposite of growth, greed stagnates its carrier.

Time is more than a ticking clock
Time is coupled with urgency and hustle. When associated with a project, time is of the essence.

Service is to serve
Service is the glue that connects Quality, Value & Time. It is actually an understanding that the reason we are in business for is simple. We are here to serve.

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